Should I pitch to another publisher or go the webcomic route?

TL;DR (Too Long; Don't Read):

I decided to go the webcomic route as you have probably guessed from visiting


Should I pitch another publisher?

I initially just pitched Image Comics, because I felt halfwing fit in well with their current material (which I really like).

Image is famous for taking the same fee for all books and letting you retain many of the rights to your series.

Also, I follow Jim Zub and other creators that work with Image Comics, and they seem to have a pretty good relationship with them... [read more]


Pitch Update...

I pitched halfwing to Image Comics a little over a month ago (details). As the submission page calls out, if they haven't responded in one month, you should consider your proposal declined (which means halfwing was declined).

As you might guess, I was pretty bummed. I even pondered hanging it up... but... I reviewed my Toggl reports, and I realized I have spent close to a 1,000 hours writing/producing halfwing. I don't want to just throw that time without something to show for it.

Also, I really believe I have something with halfwing. The story is coming along and the art is great.

... so... during the second week when I was the most down in the dumps (and I was sure if I hadn't heard by then, I wouldn't hear... which I didn't)... I started thinking about what's next... [read more]