Halfwing is the first creator-owned series released by Read Write Comics. It's a dark fantasy series about young halfwing’s past finally catching up to him (think Soul Reaver meets Assassin’s Creed).

Cal, the main hero, is offered a series of impossible heist jobs or death… all while his country falls into civil war.



Jeremy Walker

Jeremy is the creator/writer of halfwing. He has written 10 scripts over the last 15+ years and hopes to launch many more comic series. He also writes a blog about his experience making creator-owned comics. For a day job (and to pay the bills), he writes code at Google.


Matias Basla

Matias does all the fantastic design and art for halfwing (pencils, inks, and colors). He really brings the world alive and has several other published comics under his belt including The Claw & Fang. You can see more of his work on his Tumblr blog.